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Program Qualification

Program Qualification

A prospective primary school teacher who completed the Primary School Education Program,


  1. Has the knowledge of primary school curriculum; the outcomes and related contents; the most appropriate teaching methods and techniques for the outcomes and content; measurement and evaluation.
  2. Has the knowledge of developmental, learning characteristics, and disabilities of primary school students.
  3. Has the knowledge of accessing scientific knowledge; following, evaluating, and applying new studies.
  4. Has the knowledge of facts, concepts, and principles related to educational sciences.
  5. Has the knowledge about the nature, source, limits, accuracy, reliability, and validity of the information.


  1. Transfers the concepts related to the field to the application platforms, use them in an effective and appropriate way, and explain the relationships between them.
  2. Follows, comments, and uses basic resources, periodicals, and educational reports of national and international organizations in the field of primary school education.
  3. Makes scientific research topic out of the problems encountered in school and classroom processes; defines the problem; collects data with appropriate research methods and techniques; analyzes, comments, and develops solutions.
  4. Plans the teaching-learning process by taking into consideration the developmental characteristics, individual differences, readiness, environmental resources, and curriculum of primary school students.
  5. Organizes educational environments; use educational technologies effectively; develop appropriate materials.
  6. Uses learning-teaching strategies, methods and techniques in accordance with theoretical foundations; evaluate student achievements using multiple assessment tools.
  7. In multigrade classes, plans and evaluates the structure of the curriculum, classroom management, and learning-teaching process.
  8. Develops the ability to work with an interdisciplinary approach.


Competence to work independently and take responsibility

  1. Takes responsibility in individual and group works; performs the task effectively.
  2. Recognizes himself / herself as an individual; uses creativity and strengths; improves his/her weaknesses.
  3. Improves leadership qualities for school management processes and makes continuous contributions.

Learning Competence

  1. Maintains professional development for his / her needs by critically evaluating the acquired knowledge and skills.

Communication and Social Competence

  1. Plans and implements social responsibility projects for different socio-cultural environments in which primary school is located.
  2. Sets an example to society with his appearance, attitude, and behavior as a primary school teacher.
  3. Shows a multifaceted development in art, sports, and cultural fields as a primary school teacher.
  4. Uses Turkish correctly and effectively.
  5. Develops himself / herself in at least one foreign language.

Field Specific Competence

  1. Takes security measures in school and classroom; applies first aid when necessary.
  2. Is aware of national and universal values expressed in the Basic Law of National Education and acts in accordance with these values.